Tips and Testimonials


- Ask your local DiaperFreeBaby Group to host an EC Exchange meeting

- Reuse diapers and potties for younger children. Have your older
child present the items to the new baby as a way to feel included and

- Join the EC Swap Yahoo! Group

- Use your old cloth pre-fold diapers as rags for dusting and
household cleaning

- Turn old wool sweaters into waterproof pads

- Cloth pre-fold diapers make excellent warm compresses for labor or
to treat engorgement and mastitis. Make sure not to cut them.

- Sew your old cloth pre-folds into training pants. There are
several ways to do this:

  • Take an existing pair of inexpensive underwear and line the
    inside of them with strips cut from a cloth pre-fold. Pad the
    underwear more in the front for a boy and the underneath more for a

  • Use an existing pair of underwear as a pattern. Lay the
    underwear on top of the pre-fold and cut in the same shape. Sew the
    sides up and add elastic if necessary.

  • Use an existing pattern for training pants and use the
    pre-fold as the material or to add extra padding.


Environmental reasons were one of the many reasons I started EC. It was right up there with saving money and not having to change dirty diapers. When I read about EC I saw it as a win-win in all aspects. My older girls were in disposable diapers for about 2 yrs and it is great that with my youngest daughter we went through so few diapers.

Rosanna, mother of 3 and Philadelphia DiaperFreeBaby Mentor

As a new mother, I was bothered by the sheer volume of disposable diapers that we were dumping into the environment, but didn't see another choice. Using cloth diapers seemed like a lot of work. Further, I had assumptions that we would just use more water, hotter water and detergent washing them, causing a different environmental impact.

After we started practicing EC, we used fewer disposable diapers each day. Over time, with EC, I understood his elimination patterns better, which made me more comfortable transitioning to cloth diapers and cloth training pants. Because we were practicing EC, we went through so few cloth diapers that it didn't add significantly to the laundry, either. It felt like a win for us and for the environment.

Marie, mother of 2 and Boston DiaperFreeBaby Mentor